Sunday, December 7, 2014

“Unexplored paths lead to undiscovered treasures” ― Constance Chuks Friday

Just think--
of all the cultural advancements that have been made in your lifetimes:  YouTube, Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, netbooks, Smart phones, pocket-sized computers, 3-D printing, enhanced robotics, Bluetooth, Texting, Wikipedia, and Google with it's vast array of apps. You were alive when the i-Phone made it monumental entrance,  and when Nintendo Wii launched, revolutionizing video game playing. GPS-enabled devices have become commonplace, as have fuel-efficient hybrid cars.  Your culture, your daily life, is continually being reshaped by technological advancements. 
OK, so now imagine--
a culture that remained virtually intact for more than 3000 years--longer than any other in recorded history. That's Egypt--one of the oldest and most fascinating civilizations in the world. Beginning around 3150 BCE when Menes united Upper and Lower Egypt, and lasting until around 332 BCE, Egypt developed an elaborate cultural system that included a complex, myth-filled religion, a detailed system of writing known as hieroglyphics, and many extraordinary achievements in science, mathematics, and architecture. Two of ancient Egypt's most recognizable architectural masterpieces are the massive and mysterious Sphinx, and, of course, the Pyramids of Giza.
Egypt's influence on later cultures was huge!  In fact, their culture provided important building blocks for Greek and Roman cultures, which, in turn, have greatly influenced ours. 

There is much to learn about Ancient Egypt.  Take some time to check out the cool links below.  We'll visit them again next week:



Unit 5 due Friday. BHT 


  • Monday: Correct Unit 2 Test
  • Tuesday: Unit 3: Rational Numbers (Practice here) and Integers (Practice here)

We'll be dealing with integers for awhile, so let's get this song out there and into your brain right away. Ready? (Guaranteed you're going to be humming this one):
Rules for Operations with 
Positive/Negative Integers
(sung to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat) 

Same sign, add and keep,
Different sign subtract!
Take the sign of the highest number
Then you’ll be exact!

Multiply or Divide
It’s an easy thought!
                            Same signs are positive                              
Different signs are not!


Watch a little Math Antics to help you understand integers.
This guy's great!

First: Negative Numbers!

Next:  Adding and Subtracting Integers! Woo-hoo!

  • Wednesday:  Nor'Easter DAMON arrived. SNOW DAY!
  • ThursdaySNOW DAY #2--still messy out there. 
  • Friday:   


  • Tuesday:  Discussion/Video about the Water Cycle.  Check out the. . .
  • Wednesday:  You guessed it; SNOW DAY!


Monday: Final corrections on Acrostic Book Projects
Tuesday:  Symmetry activity to accompany List Poem
Wednesday: SNOW DAY!
Thursday: DITTO!

. . .was interrupted by the first Nor'Easter of the season. Arghhhh!
Damon put the kibosh on most this week's plans. . .
Pre-Storm anticipation on Tuesday and school
cancellations on Wednesday and Thursday. 
AHH, WELL . . .


Ancient Egypt banner Egyptian animated gif 

Crowns of Ancient Egypt The Joy of Learning
Egyptian technologies YouTube video 
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