Friday, November 6, 2009

Yesterday we had such a wonderful day. We spent an interesting and productive morning looking at rocks, minerals, and fossils at the Fleming Museun. Then, after an early lunch, we arrived at the Flynn Theater where we enjoyed a breathtaking, often humorous performance by the dance company, MOMIX. These spectacular dancer-illusionists created "otherworldly imagery" through the use of lights, shadows, enchanting music, and unbelieveable acrobatics/contemporary dance. Vermont native Moses Pendleton started MOMIX 25 years ago, and this internationally renowned dance company has now performed on every continent except Antarctica. The spectacular optical illusions and theatrics literally took our collective breath away.Check out the following video for a sample of some of the amazing things we saw.

Your children were wonderful, by the way. Addison kids are always a joy to take on field trips.

Thanks, everybody-