Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April 1 "A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." ~Christopher Reeve

Hello families-

The sixth grade is about to embark on a different kind of research paper. Today we completed an introductory survey titled, "What Makes a Hero a Hero?" as a way of framing our thinking about the many heroes/courageous people who have shaped history.

Students will choose one of these people to showcase in a web page that will include the following:

  • a biography
  • a quote that somehow demonstrates the the values and beliefs of the person of choice
  • a summary of his/her accomplishments
  • a photo album
  • a page describing how his/her accomplishments changed this person's life, and
  • how the world has changed or can be changed because of him/her
  • a bibliography
  • Options: Videos, Podcasts, Interesting Facts

I will put links on this blog in the next day or so that will direct students to Public Domain images, video, audio, primary source documents, etc. For today, I want everyone to peruse the following sites and be thoughtful in choosing a hero or courageous person with whom they can "connect". (After all, they're going to be spending a considerable amount of time together in the days to come...)

Please help your child sift through the sites below as they conduct their search:

For later:

Citation Machine--for online help making bibliographies (click on MLA style)


"Heroes" was also introduced in Grade 5 today. We'll explore heroes in another creative way on our webpage. I will provide more information on this tomorrow.

Social Studies: Pilgrim worksheets (that were completed through the links on my last blog) are due tomorrow. So are the "Exhibit" pictures/captions.

FYI: The 6th grade had a discussion today about the Puritans and how they differed from the Pilgrims. Of historical significance was a discussion of the terrible injustices of the Salem trials. Putting it in perspective, we explored how the stresses of Puritan life--impending attacks by Indians and French Canadians (the French), polarization of the more affluent part of the community and the poorer farming section of town, and the extremely strict religious doctrine that was intolerant of differences--all played a role in a most horrific human tragedy. Our conversation led to spin-off discussions about conformity, vindictiveness, "mob mentality"--and the Puritan belief that you were guilty until proven innocent. Many lessons.

Check out the "7-Day-Forecast" link on the "important Websites" for a preview of...well...the next 7 days. Holey moley! Enjoy this warming time...


We listened to this today as part of our "Heroes" introduction. The kids wanted me to post it so that they could hear it again... It's a song by Bette Midler called, "Wind Beneath My Wings"-- from the movie, Beaches.