Thursday, September 13, 2012

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.” ~Vernon Howard

Clip Art Credit: Phillip Martin

Welcome Parents and Students to NEXUS! 

We're moving through our first full week of school and seem to be adjusting well to our new schedule.  Lots of changes, but I have to say, they seem to be good ones.  An immediate benefit I've noticed has been the nucleus of students (our superb 6th graders who are already trained in the details of classroom organization, procedures, and expectations) who have kept the momentum going and mentored our newcomers, helping them to settle in.  Multi-age classrooms provide a broader social and intellectual experience, which will undoubtedly enrich us all as the year progresses and provide increased opportunities for leadership, collaboration, and flexibility in learning.  I like viewing the entire class (fifth and sixth graders together) as one community of learners. What a dynamic environment--I'm so lucky!

Blogger has a "new look," which I'm having a hard time figuring out, so I'm a little slow getting started (Any bloggers out there willing to give me a few pointers??) I hope to get the bugs worked out soon; please bear with me.

That being said, please bookmark NEXUS and visit often. Our blog will be the place to go for information about assignments, assessments, upcoming events, and 5/6 happenings.  It's also a place to look regularly for online resources to support your child's learning and to showcase their hard work.  (Don't forget to also check out Mrs. DaBica's web page. Both can be found on the school website--click on homerooms and scroll down.)

I'm looking forward to working with each and every one of you this year. A strong student-parent-teacher relationship can go a long way toward helping all our children achieve the success they deserve.

My best to you--


Grade 5 Language Arts:  
  • Complete "I Am" project 
Grade 6 Language Arts: 
  • Complete "The Important Thing About Me" project  
Both Language Arts Classes: 
  • Complete "Mr. Stick" activity
  • Continue work on Writer's Notebook "Alpha-Genres for Writing" 2-page writing/art activity--to be completed no later than Wednesday, September 19th.
  • Writer's Notebook independent writing activities for September:  Using the "Bingo" sheet attached to the notebook, choose 5 short writing/art activities to complete by the 30th. (These are fun and creative ways to enhance writing skills and are to be completed during free times and for homework.) 
 5/6 Social Studies (Studying Prehistoric Cultures Through Archeological and Anthropological Evidence)  

  • Calculating Clues from Bones--collaborative activity
  • Cave Art Project