Monday, April 1, 2013

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. ~Mark Twain

Rabbit, Rabbit!  . . .and so we start another month--the one that takes us from snow drifts lingering on shadowed hillsides (and yes, that occasional awakening to snow-covered lawns) to daffodils dotting grassy meadows.  Peepers will be out within two weeks, mark my word. 

Anyway, with the improvement in weather conditions comes the all too familiar desire for children to do just about anything to get out of completing school work.  Ahh, youth.  Now teaching and parenting must become a bit more, shall we say, inventive. (Kind of like hiding the peas in the ice cream.  Well, sort of. . .)

   Please help your child to remain on track with homework. 

APRIL 1-5 


Monday:  "Right Spelling, Wrong Word"
Tuesday:  Practice session for "S-BAC" online testing pilot
Wednesday:  Begin "S-BAC" 
Thursday:  "Words with Multiple Meanings"
Friday:  READ-A-THON all day!  Fundraiser -- Please consider sponsoring your child--any checks can be made payable to "Meals on Wheels."

Social Studies

Monday:  Mrs. M.'s class -- Watch the movie, "Building the Great Pyramid."
Tuesday:  Mrs. D.'s class -- Same as above.
Wednesday: Mrs. M.'s class -- Mummify those chickens!
Thursday:  Mrs. D.'s class -- Same as above. 

Language Arts

Monday:  Egyptian Poetry Project
Tuesday:  Complete Egyptian Poetry Project
Wednesday: Grade 6 pilots "S-BAC" online test.
Thursday:  "Millions of Mummies" 6-panel cartoon summaries.
Friday:  READ-A-THON!

Monday: Study hall to complete overdue work.  Ten points off late work turned in today!
Tuesday:  Comprehension activity/silent reading
Wednesday:  No class -- read aloud in Library
Thursday: Comprehension activity/silent reading
Friday: READ-A-THON! 

Beautiful artwork, huh?  Fireflies under the Springtime Moon can be found @