Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful." ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Happy Holidays, everyone--

Christmas 2013 is less than two weeks away!  Business as usual appears not an option for any of us these days, but in the midst of all the chaos that the holiday season brings, it also brings a good measure of joy into our lives.  There is a sense of wonder to it, and a bit of magic, too.  Christmas is, above all, a state of mind; its true spirit can be found in the way in which we come together in peace and good will.  That is, no doubt, why we all love it so much.

I hope your tree is up and glistening, your children well behaved, and your sanity, for the most part, intact.  


Speaking of sanity, here's a list of this week's assignments in my classes:

Word Study, Grade 5
Monday:  No assignment
Tuesday:  Pages 69, 70, & 71
Wednesday: Pages 72, 73
Thursday:  Page 74 (rough draft) 

Language Arts
Monday:  Complete haiku poetry (2) for bulletin board (turn in sloppy copy of 4 assigned haiku poems for me to edit), continue work on Special Memory narrative.
Tuesday:  Complete Special Memory narrative draft in preparation for activity.
Wednesday:  Edit and revise Special Memory narrative using the graphic organizer provided.
Thursday:  Complete changes/additions and begin typing final draft.
Friday:  Finish typing and turn in for final edit before posting on the bulletin board in the hallway. 

Social Studies 5/6
Monday/Tuesday:  Activity 2, "How Early Explorers Used the North Star as a Compass" -- due next class.
Also, turn in "Life at Sea:  Sores, Scabs, and Scurvy" packet
Wednesday: Be sure North Star and Life at Sea packets are turned in, please.
Thursday (Grade 6): Activity 3, "Explorers' Timeline."  We'll work on these for two class periods. Grade 5 will begin this activity on Monday, 12/16.

COOL VIDEO: This is a remarkable visual showing why explorers used the North Star as a compass. . . it remains virtually immobile in the night sky. (Hit "full screen" for best viewing.)



Thanks to all who attended Addison Central School's 2013 Christmas Concert.  What a special way to celebrate the season -- all of us together, a family.

My best to you--

Christmas trees image:  http://www.wallpapersdb.org/wallpapers/holidays/animated_christmas_trees_1680x1050.jpg
A Christmas Concert image:  http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-scM5KH8YewI/UpDS8YngMpI/AAAAAAAAAL0/6h0rcWGzCpg/s1600/Christmas-Concert1.jpg