Monday, March 24, 2014

“There is no creature so perfect in wisdom and knowledge but may learn something for time present, and to come, by times past.” ― John Robinson

Dear Families--

 New marking period--fresh start--and each student's chance to use everything they've learned to "show what they know." A new policy will be put in place this time around due to the large number of late assignments turned in last marking period.  Although "extended time" was never part of the bargain, it became problematic none-the-less and an excuse for poor work habits.  Therefore, if an assignment is late, you will be receive an email from me.  Your student will then have one day to complete it before the grade becomes final.  Naturally, allowances will be made for extenuating circumstances.

Please note that in this "final push to the end," there will be an increasing number of independent (not during class time) activities that will rely on students' ability to self-monitor. 

MARCH 24--28


Monday:  Pages 109-110
Tuesday:  Pages 111-112
Wednesday:  Guidance
Thursday:  Pages 113-114
Friday:  Pages 115-116

Tuesday: Introduce Response to Literature Portfolio piece.
Wednesday:  Rough draft of RTL -- writing piece should be mapped out
Thursday:  I'm not here today--work on Independent Assignment for Social Studies.  It's due tomorrow.
Friday: I'm not here today--complete map activity for 13 colonies. Due Monday, March 31st.


In Social Studies, we're moving on to a brief interactive tour of Plymouth Colony and the Pilgrims who inhabited it. Below are sites we'll explore. I encourage you to check them out; they're pretty interesting! (Some of this work will be independent, and everything will be due on Friday, March 28)

MONDAY, GRADE 5 & TUESDAY, GRADE 6:  Begin interactive website:

Excellent Interactive Site! NOTE:  There is an activity to complete at the end, which each student will print off and share.  
This activity is due on Friday, March 28!
Two-Part Independent Assignment
Also due Friday, March 28
(I will provide a worksheet to accompany the following two activities)

Go to THIS SITE and click on the links to answer the following questions...USE COMPLETE SENTENCES.
  • Who were the Pilgrims?
  • In what year did they begin to come to America?
  • According to early Plymouth records, what were the names of the first four ships to sail to America?
  • Pilgrims weren't called "Pilgrims" until the 1800s. What were the passengers from the first four ships called back in the 1620s?

Continuing the worksheet above, answer questions by reading this interesting, fun article in Muse Magazine, Vol. 5, Issue 9, November 2001, from the publishers of Cricket and Smithsonian Magazine. You can find it by clicking on:
FYI: Check out what it was like living on "Plimouth Plantation".

For Fun (and extra credit!):

Write a short conversation between two Pilgrims by visiting this site. Talk Like a Pilgrim

Make It At Home --two colonial games to make and try! 

Wyeth Pilgrim Image: