Monday, March 9, 2015

“If I must start somewhere, right here and now is the best place imaginable.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich

Just so you know,  I notice.  All those little things you do--your simple expressions of gratitude, your good manners, your kindnesses toward others, your service work in our school community, your wonderful senses of humor, your joyfulness, your learning to deal with stress and challenges in positive ways, the effort you put into your learning--I notice the good things about your every single day.                                                                                                                                                      I also notice that when work is returned with less than the desired result, it often ends up in the recycling bin. I notice those occasional "dark clouds" that circle overhead when you're faced with something that is hard for you. I notice when you struggle and lack confidence in your ability to succeed.  Making mistakes makes you feel (feel is the operative word here) stupid; I know this because it's what you tell me. Keep in mind that "feeling stupid" is just an emotional response that results in our feeling bad about ourselves.  So what do we do?  We tend to avoid doing things that make us "feel" that way, of course.  

Here's the thing. According to an article I read entitled,  "Teaching Students to Embrace Mistakes," mistakes are the most important things that happen in our classroom. They're how we're able to zero in on what we need to work on most. Only then can we develop a specific, deliberate, and personalized plan for learning (which is why I always allow you to "fix" your work after we go over it together).                                                                                   
Remember my analogy about learning how to play a sport (or learning any new skill, for that matter)?  It takes a long time to become really good at something, right? --and that's where the value of mistakes comes in. You can practice till you're blue in the face, but real learning takes "deliberate practice" --figuring out what's difficult for you (what you're doing wrong or struggling with) and really focusing on it until you "getit. 

It's time to change the way you feel about mistakes: why, they're your very own ticket to success! 

Those mistakes you make?  They target your learning.  Those "red marks" I make?  I'm just pointing out what the target is. (After all, you can't hit it until you see it, right?)  

So now you know--I notice your effort, your willingness to try, your hard work. I notice you, my wonderful, awesome class.

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for (sort of. . .)
MARCH  9 - 12

Grades are officially closed.  Report Cards go out on March 20.

SOCIAL STUDIES                          
Tuesday--Wednesday: Lots of freedom to complete your projects this week in preparation for Parent Conferences.  Be bold.  Be creative. Be productive! (BE TIDY. . .)

Be sure you've turned in your Ancient Egypt Fact Book; We'll have them on display this week.  We'll also photograph some of your covers and post them here. OOOHHH, this is going to be fun!

Follow these TRIORAMA DIRECTIONS to create a cross-section of a "Pyramid" for displaying your sarcophagus and mummy.  Paint or color the inside and outside to look like building stone. On the inside, use glue mixture to add designs that replicate tomb walls. Samples of tomb art can be found HERE.

If you want to rest your mummy in a coffin inside, let's consider creating one of THESE



Did you ever complete these study jams?   

VIDEOS & QUIZZES--Please do.

Observations and Predictions


Thursday:  INDEPENDENT ACTIVITY DUE. (Click below.)
The Elephant Poem and the Power of Observation

WEDNESDAY:  LAB TIME! Can't tell you what it is, though. Nope. Forget about it. My lips are sealed. (OK, OK, stay tuned; I'll post your necessary paperwork here.)

Watch this video for a little extra background information:


Boy are we excited! We're about to be introduced to some of the greatest kings of ancient Egypt (Played by you!). Here's your chance to dazzle us with your expertise, your technological aptitude, and, of course, your indubitable charm!  After all, you're a pharaoh.  The real deal. PowerPoint  aficionados -Woo-hoo!                                                                                                   
Also, and I hate to be the one to say this, but alas, it is upon you to take care of some afterlife details on your own.  Bummer, huh? It's B.Y.O.P. (build your own pyramid) time! We'll use E.L.A. class to augment Social Studies and create the perfect resting place for your mummy.  

MONDAY:  Correct & Repair Mid-Chapter Review 
Tuesday:  Percent of a Quantity--Pages 203-204 & 5.4

Wednesday: More work with yesterday's assignment
Thursday: Problem Solving: Percents--Pages 207-208 & 5.5

Friday:  Postponed until Monday.  Stay tuned!
Finding the Whole from a Percent--Pages 211 to 212 and 5.6

None again this week
~ Oh, happy day! ~
Too much going on!


Have you chosen your March book? (Say yes. . .) Have you filled out your "Planning Ahead" sheets?  (Say yes. . .) They will be graded as part of your book project, which will, like always, be due at the end of the month. (Oh, yes!) 


This (short) week: some testing, some projects, some independent reading.  Ahhh, what a wonderful way to end the day! 

Let's close with a little report card humor, shall we?

Conferences are scheduled for the afternoons of 
March 11 and March 12.

Strength shows image   Boy image  Woman/child block print  Never Give Up  Sarcophagus wood block image Don't Forget  Every New Beginning   Ant cartoon  Mummy image   Peanuts cartoon  animated question marks   town cryer  pharaoh  hearts