Monday, May 18, 2015

“Time does not pass, it continues” ― Marty Rubin

From excellent article "Space & Time"

Hey guys-- The year's winding down--can you believe it? Where has the time gone? In fact. . .
 What is time anyway? 
According to "Space & Time," one in a series of really interesting articles located HERE, time can refer to how fast something is moving (its speed), or how long it lasts (its duration).  
Did you know that light travels at a speed of 186,282 miles each second -- or roughly 6 trillion (with a "t") miles in a year? Its speed never changes, either. Things, whatever they may be, travel at different speeds depending on their size, their mass, and the forces acting on them. (Super powers also might have something to do with it.)

Check this out!

Time also refers to how long things last. A breath, a heartbeat, (a cookie,) a Math test, a soccer game, a season... A lifetime can last more than 100 years, and a galaxy can be billions of years old.  Hmmm. . . That brings me to an interesting observation. Do you ever feel like time seems to drag on and on and on? Like when you're sick, or while you're waiting for Christmas? 

(You never feel like that when you're in class, right?) 

Sometimes other things seem to drag on and on, too!  
Check THIS out! (Hit "Play.")

When you're doing something that you really enjoy, though, time seems to fly by, right? Why is that?  

You guys can't wait to grow up, and your grandparents are wondering where the time has gone. It's all just a matter of perspective. 

Time has only one direction--forward. That's it. There's no turning back to change, redo, or undo something that's already happened. No sireee. (You've heard the expression, "What's done is done. . ." )  Bummer. 

Unfortunately you're not like these guys. . .
Mr. Peabody & Sherman with their 
wonderful WayBack Machine
You can't un-bake a cake or un-break a dish. When you do or say something that you wish you could take back, you're out of luck there, too.  When it comes to time, you can't backtrack.

That is, unless you're Superman.

Want to see something cool?
Pretend you're Superman flying at your usual warp speed and you decide to amp it up even more to blast back in time. Position your outstretched fist (Superman-style) at the center of this image. . . 

 Blam! You appear to speed up! 
(Hey, come back here! The year's not over yet!)

18th -- 22nd


Monday & Tuesday:
PART 1:  Entertainment

The Greek Amphitheater  (Information HERE HERE, and HERE.  THE GREATEST THEATER video &  theater design video
The Roman Colosseum 

(Information HEREHERE, and HERE)  
History of the Roman Colosseum video  The Colosseum's Elevator video
OMG--Read this:
You Wouldn't Want to be a Roman Gladiator! 

Wednesday & Thursday:              PART 2:  GREEK & ROMAN BATHS

Information can be found HERE,  HEREand HERE
I have a handout, too. that I will share.
Ancient Greek Health Spa video
Archimedes, considered to be the greatest mathematicians of all time, discovered the principal of displacement while visiting a Greek bath. ("Eureka" translates to "I've got it!" NOT "I dropped my rubber ducky.")

Complete Roman Bath Interactive and accompanying  worksheet. More information HERE 
and HERE. Also, check out Roman Bathing -- and Roman Bath Culture video


ROMAN ROADS information can be found HERE, HERE , and HERE

Facts About Roman Roads

Roman Roads video

Music and Creativity in Ancient Greece 
- Tim Hansen

A Glimpse of Teenage Life in Ancient Rome 
- Ray Laurence

For Fun! 


Monday:Complete Seasons Mini-books from last Friday (due this Friday).
Tuesday: "The Moon" -- Complete Inquiry Lab/Write Lab Report
Wednesday: "The Moon" PPT & Notetaking activity
Thursday: "The Moon" Activity
Friday: All work due.

Moon phase calculator HERE
Another cool moon phase calculator HERE
Moon phases calendar HERE
Moonlight Madness HERE
Phases of the Moon Interactive HERE

Moon Song--let's boogie!


Monday: Lab Report discussion/review of information. First draft will be completed during this class and Science class this afternoon.
Tuesday: Review of First Drafts: Edit and Revise
Wednesday: Turn in. Review final notes of Response to Literature and type final draft.
Thursday: Turn in final draft.  Whew! "Cleaning house" week!
Friday: SRI testing (Gotta do it!)


Monday:Correct and Repair Chapter 7 tests Begin Chapter 8 with "Show What You Know," pages 291-292
Tuesday: RETEST
Wednesday: Correct tests.  Begin Chapter 8. Complete 8.1 (see video)
Thursday: End-of-Year Assessment
Friday:  Finish testing/grade


Songs for Our Step-Up Celebration