Sunday, October 4, 2015

If you're not confused, you're not paying attention. - Tom Peters

Think this is spinning, huh? Nope; it's all in your head! While your brain's busy trying to make sense of this wild-and-crazy image, those recurring lines and patterns trick it into thinking that it's actually moving. G'head-look away; did it stop?  Boo-yea!



Tuesday & Wednesday: Mad Scientist Experiments--guaranteed to drive your teacher crazy! 

Never fear; a good night's sleep and I'll be good as new.

Thursday: Write up those lab reports.

Friday:  Edit, revise, turn in. Then, on to our next great thing!

For Get-Ready-For-Halloween Science Experiments and an All-Around Cool Place to Go, Click HERE

Just keep in mind when conducting your own experiments: one dumb mistake can have unforeseen consequences. . .


Monday:  Finish up that WebQuest! It's due today!

Wednesday:   Next, for the the setting of our adventure we'll need a map! 

Use  MAP OF MESOPOTAMIA  for part of this assignment (the "creating a map" part), and complete the task described at the bottom of the link.
Bring your sunscreen. . . Oh, and look out for camel spiders! (You know me and spiders, so I won't include a picture here, but if you're brave enough and want to know more, HERE'S a link. Eeew!)

Thursday:  We'll finish up, and while you're coloring I'll read the next installment of Johnny Rawten.  He's back!

Friday: TBA (We'll see. . .)


(Mood:  the feeling or "vibe" you get from literature, art, video, or music. It is closely linked with everyday feelings; does it make you feel  happy, light-hearted, carefree, peaceful, surprised, depressed, angry, fearful. . . ?  Mood can be created through such things as sound, lighting, movement, timing, setting, rhythm, contrast, conflict and more.) 

So let's talk about MOOD!  The perfect topic for October, right?  

Monday & Tuesday:  Complete "What Scares Me Most" poems. Type, illustrate...  Mwaah-hah-hah!

Wednesday:  Create a T-Chart and label the Left-hand column "Mary Poppins" and the second side, "Scary-Mary Poppins."  While you watch the first trailer, think of words that describe the mood.  
  1. Jot down the mood you think it is creating and provide specific examples/evidence that create it.  Look at the visuals and listen to the music.  Watch for colors, fonts, and the way the characters interact.
  2. Discuss it -- Think-Pair-Share:  What is the general mood of the trailer? (Provide examples.)
Then watch the second video. (You may want to watch it more than once!) This is a video where someone took actual footage from Mary Poppins and added captions, scary music, and lighting effects to make a very creepy and haunting version of the once jolly world of Mary Poppins.
  1. Repeat the same process of describing the mood (visuals, music, colors, character interaction) and discuss it -- citing specific things that created the mood.
  2. Discuss it -- Think-Pair-Share:  What is the general mood of this trailer?  (Provide examples.)
Assignment (Use QuEEC to answer first two questions; include T-Chart, and turn in!)  

  • Why was it so easy to detect the mood in these two video clips?  What strategies did you use?
  • How do we figure out the mood of a story, book, or poem when there is no music, no characters to watch, no special lighting to see?
  • Complete a final draft of your T-Chart based on your notes and class discussions. 

READY?  Set?  Go!  Video 1:

Hold on to your hats: here's Video 2:

Thursday:  We're being pretty MOOD-y this week! This week we're going to discuss Setting & Mood.  Here's the website for "Setting & Mood" just in case you lose the paperwork I provide to you.  Questions are also written out for your convenience.  Please answer in complete sentences using QuEEC.  

Friday:  Writing Your Own Scary Stories (oooooohhh!)

Writing a scary/mystery story is one of the most exciting ways to improve writing skills. Think about it--it's the kind of fiction you love; the characters are like you, the plot has lots of puzzles to solve, and ooh, the suspense--well, it's just hard to put down!

Here's everything you'll need:
Handout, directions, and nice, mood-enhancing background music.  Coooool beans!

We'll share these by flashlight when they're done! (mwaah-hah-hah!)


Monday:   Ch. 1. Complete Exit Ticket.

Tuesday:  Chapter 2.

Wednesday:  Complete Ch. 2 Exit Ticket.

Thursday:  Ch. 3. Complete Exit Ticket.

Friday:  Share & discuss.  Fables!

You can read it online HERE 

and the audio can be found HERE!


Monday:  Correct practice test from Friday--go over problem areas together


Wednesday: Finish CHAPTER 1 TEST --Correct & Discuss

Thursday: Introduce CHAPTER 2 
Assign "Assessing Prior Knowledge," Correct and discuss.  Play "Guess the Word" (page 68A) 

Friday: Lesson 2.1 Fractions & Decimals -- Assign pages 71&72.  Homework pages 73-74.

Math support for converting decimals to fractions:

Optical Illusion  Mad scientist animated gif  woman drinking coffee  Interactive Map of Mesopotamia   Mood ring  Word MOOD  Ghost gif  smiley/frowning gif  boy reading gif   important notice png