Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is braver five minutes longer.--Ralph Waldo Emerson



Dear parents,

Some people say that kids these days lack heroes. Is that true? If they do have them, who are they, and what makes them heroes?

The term "hero" can be traced back to ancient Greece and was a term used to describe mortals who had done something so extraordinary as to make them legendary. (Remember Hercules?) Today, heroes symbolize human excellence; they inspire us to be our best selves. We need heroes.

In the weeks ahead, grades 5 and 6 are going to explore the topic of heroes as we embark on a different kind of research paper. Today some of us completed an introductory survey titled, "What Makes a Hero?" as a way of framing our thinking about the many heroes/courageous people who have shaped history. Students will choose one of these people to showcase in a powerpoint that will include the following:

a biography

a quote that somehow demonstrates the values and beliefs of the person of choice

a summary of his/her accomplishments

a photo album

a page describing how his/her accomplishments changed this person's life, and

how the world has changed or can be changed because of him/her

a bibliography

Options: Videos, Podcasts, Poetry, Music, News Broadcasts, Stop-Motion Animation, Movie-maker clipInteresting Facts

I want everyone to peruse the following sites (and others they may find useful) and be thoughtful in choosing a hero or courageous person with whom they can "connect." (After all, they're going to be spending a considerable amount of time together in the days to come...)

Please help your child sift through the sites below as they conduct their search:

For later:

Citation Machine--for online help making bibliographies (click on MLA style)

We'll be talking about this a lot more in the days ahead.

Have a good evening, everyone.