Monday, October 29, 2012

A wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand. I think, I too, have known autumn too long." ~e. e. cummings

Hello, families!  

The wind is picking up as Sandy approaches.  We're in for a blow, as they say. For those of you who haven't heard, we'll stay home tomorrow.  Let the wind thrash and moan beyond our doors; we'll stay safe within. 

I did want to go over the planned parent conferences for this Friday, November 2nd.  Here are the students' initials for those folks who have signed up so far (if anyone has contacted Mrs. DaBica recently, please note that I don't yet have you on my list, but will look forward to seeing you!)

  • 8:15--8:30  M.D. (gr. 5)
  • 8:35--8:50  H.C. (gr. 6)
  • 8:45--9:10  M.H. (gr. 5)
  • 9:55--10:50 M.D. (gr. 6)
  • 1:00--1:15  R.C. (gr. 6)
  • 2:00--2:15  K.T. (gr. 5)
  • 2:35--2:50  C.L. (gr. 5)
  • 2:55--3:10  H.F. (gr. 5)
  • 3:15--3:30  B.M. (gr. 6)
  • 3:35--3:50  E.B. (gr. 6)
  • 3:55--4:10  V.P. (gr. 5)
  • 4:15--4:30  N.B. (gr. 6)
  • 4:35--4:50  E.B. (gr. 5)
  • 4:55--5:10  C.P. (gr. 6)
  • 5:15--5:30  R.K. (gr. 5)
  • 5:55--6:20  M, & Z.C. (gr. 5)

Language Arts, Grades 5 and 6:

Monday -- Complete finishing touches on "The Dark and Stormy Night" stories.
Tuesday -- Sandy, Sandy, Sandy . . .
Wednesday -- Peer edit stories and make corrections.  Also, do Halloween Puns activity.
Thursday -- "The Dark and Stormy Night" story share

Social Studies, Grades 5 (Tuesday and Thursday) and 6 (Monday and Wednesday)

"Wonder" travel brochure.  It should near completion by the end of the week, so if more information is needed, be working on that at home, too! (Sandy will interfere with Grade 5's time on Tuesday, so be prepared to get cranking on Thursday.  I'll provide extra time for you.

Spelling, Grade 6

Unit 2, Part 1.  Independent work or small group instruction on Wednesday.  Be sure task cards from Unit 1 are turned in and begin new task cards.

Spelling Words:
journeys, scurries, who'd, crises, doesn't, heroes, knives, scissors, radios, confesses, coaxes, alumni  

Stay safe, everyone.  I'll see many of you on the 2nd.
Halloween hurricane illustration: