Tuesday, March 5, 2013

“Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” ― L.M. Montgomery

Hello, families--

After a weekend of last-minute corrections and updates, report cards are done.  Your students will bring them home on Friday, but in the meantime, feel free to check PowerSchool.  Lessons come in many forms; whether your child is learning from celebrations or challenges, each one of them have value. I hope you use this opportunity to keep the conversation going.  I'm doing the same!

While our schedule is slightly altered (in Science) for the next two weeks, I have created some Language Arts/History activities (which will happen more and more often for this trimester) that will provide some interesting flexible work time for everyone.  In Language Arts, our Ancient Egypt Mini-Project will involve research, reading (interpreting text), note-taking, writing, editing & revising, using technology, and art -- and culminates in a "Publication Quality" piece that demonstrates students' understanding of the every-day life of ancient Egyptians (and each student's individual creativity). (Please peruse the grading rubric included in the packets to see how each piece will be assessed.)

In Social Studies, we are beginning our Research Report project on one of the mighty pharaohs of Egypt.  Everyone received a packet of information, which they should share with you.  The dates are something that we will negotiate together, so they may be subject to "slight alteration," but the final, final, final date for completion is April 12.  Presentations will follow.

Cool sites to check out about Ancient Egypt (You can use this for both Language Arts and Social Studies!):


Introduce packet and read together first three subheadings.  Students are shown how to highlight appropriately (well, it still needs a little practice. . .) and to choose interesting facts (from Daily Life, Marriage, and Food & Cooking), which they must rewrite in their own words for use in their project.  At least TWO facts from each subheading are required, but students are encouraged to find more. (I will collect and look over.)

More independent work time.  Students must read (at least) the next four subheadings (Cosmetics, Hair, Jewelry, Clothing), highlight information they find interesting) and write it (in their own words) on paper for use later. (I will collect and look over, since staying on track is essential.)

Again, read (at least) the next four subheadings (Housing & Furniture, Entertainment, Government, Pyramids) and follow the directions above.

Read the next five subheadings (Mummies & Mummification, Hieroglyphs, Papyrus, Book of the Dead, Pharaohs) and follow the directions above.

No class for 6th grade since we'll be at a play, but the work continues! Read Ra, Food, and Clothing (very short) and write down at LEAST four facts that you found interesting in the "The Nile River" section.

READING (for Mrs. M.)

More of this time (for both Mrs. M. and Mrs. D.) will be used for informational reading associated with Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts projects.  However, time will also be given for Independent Book reading (associated with book projects due each month (twice a month for 6th graders). USE IT!  Also, expect short comprehension sheets--quick checks that will be part of your Reading grade for the last trimester.

     Grades 5 & 6:  The Gift of the Nile comprehension activity
     Grade 6:   "A Bird Came Down" interpreting poetry
     Grade 5:   A Bad Move comprehension activity
     Grade 6:  A Constitution for Kids comprehension activity
     Grade 5:  A Hero With Heart comprehension activity
     Grade 6:  A Secret Note comprehension activity
     Grade 5:  A Juicy Problem comprehension activity


Monday, March 4 (Grade 5):
  1. Introduce Pharaoh project
  2. Choose Pharaoh
  3. Set up "Pharaoh Research" folder on desktop or documents to keep all information you find.
  4. Find cartouche
  5. Find picture of pharaoh for front page
  6. Begin gathering information from web and documenting websites.
VERY IMPORTANT: Understand that for every resource you use (pictures or writing) you need to save the URL address on a word document so that you can go back later and get information for the Bibliography page. 
Tuesday, March 5 (Grade 6): 
Same as above.

Wednesday, March 6 (Grade 5):  
Finish collecting information from websites.  WARNING:  Don't just hit "print" when you find a good website.  It may be dozens of pages long.  If you need to, cut and paste into a word document ONLY what you need, and include the URL address for later! I will collect all these papers later, so don't throw them out.

Thursday, March 7 (Grade 6):
Same as above. I will provide you with a graphic organizer to help you organize your information.

Friday, March 8 (Grade 5):
Use this additional time to highlight and take notes for your pharaoh.  I will give you a graphic organizer that will help you - and make it easier to find the information you need.

SPELLING (Grade 6)

Monday:  pages 167-168

Tuesday:  pages 169-172

Wednesday:  pages 173-174

Thursday:  pages 175-178

Friday: TEST

NOTE:  No Task Cards this week.

Report card image found at:  http://www.bisd303.org/cms/lib3/WA01001636/Centricity/Domain/765/report%20card.gif