Monday, January 13, 2014

“I determined never to stop until I had come to the end and achieved my purpose.” ~ David Livingstone

Hello families--
We conclude our study of Vikings this week with a completion of a "Runes" activity, a look into Viking Longships and Longboats, a model of a Viking Longship, and a video.  The Viking Webquest is due tomorrow for grade 6 and Wednesday for grade 5. Please be sure it's completed on time since our schedule this week is pretty full!


  • Word Study/Spelling, Grade 5:
  • Monday--Page 81
  • Tuesday--No assignment (Spelling Assessment instead)
  • Wednesday--Pages 83-84
  • Thursday--Pages 85-86
  • Friday--Pages 87-88

  • Language Arts, Grades 5 & 6:
  • Monday--Both classes: Creating an effective hook mini-lesson / Complete the LCEAF Paragraph Template and highlight the evidence that supports your point of view from the reading.
  • Tuesday--Grade 6 will type paragraphs based on their templates and turn both in for assessment. Grade 5 will be at the Flynn.
  • Wednesday-- Grade 6 will work on their (short) Viking Longship and Longboats Webquest (look here for information) and complete their "Write Your Name in Runes" activity so that Grade 5 will have a chance to type paragraphs based on their templates and turn both in for assessment.
  • Thursday--"Show, Don't Tell" activity, both classes.
  • Friday--Finish up "Show, Don't Tell" activities, both classes.

  • Social Studies, Grades 5 & 6:
  • Monday--Grade 5: finish up Viking Webquests and begin working on Longship models.
  • Tuesday--no classes.  We're off to the Flynn
  • Wednesday--Grade 5: Viking Longships and Longboats (short) Webquest (look here for information), and continued work on Longship models.
  • Thursday--Grade 6: Correct Viking Webquests and begin working on Longship models.
  • Friday--no class (homeroom time)
Want to create your very own proverb?  Check out this link:

 Viking ship #1 image:
Viking ship #2 image: