Monday, January 20, 2014

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way." ~M.L.K.


The Life of Dr. Martrin Luther King Jr.
~ a powerful story told in the form of a children's picture book ~
written by Doreen Rappaport, illustrated by Bryan Collier, 
and narrated by Michael Clarke Duncan

Blustery frigid weather has arrived on the heels of a welcome January thaw cancelling school for Wednesday, January 22nd, and extending a four-day weekend to a five-day one.  Sweet! Bundle up coming back tomorrow, though; the cold continues throughout the week!


Spelling/Word Study, Grade 5

We'll use these two days to finish up "old business" from last week (runes, Viking ships, "Show, Don't Tell" activity etc.)

Language Arts

Thursday:  We begin our "How to Write an Argumentative (6th) / Opinion (5th) Essay" with a poem that demonstrates the power of active verbs in writing.  It also shows kids how to focus tightly on a subject, how to get to the heart of an idea, and how to add craft to their writing.  "Poem Activity #1" is due tomorrow.

Friday:  Complete "Poem Activity #2" and begin working on "Poem Activity #3"--writing a poem based on the style and theme of the model poem.

Social Studies

Thursday, Grade 6 & Friday, Grade 5:   
Complete activity 6 about Marco Polo. This interactive map showing Marco Polo's journey will help you to complete your map activity. You can also look at this map and decide if it is more helpful to you. Color his journey TO China in one color, and his journey HOME in another color.

I encour
age you to visit this National Geographic site and join "explorers" as they recreate Marco Polo's exploration -- tracing his route from Venice to Iraq, Afghanistan, and China. It's a multimedia presentation with video, audio, and photographs that introduce you to the lands and people he encountered. Wicked cool!

In honor of Black History Month, Time for Kids has a number of articles, videos, songs, and interviews really worth looking at.  Black Americans have contributed to the greatness of our country in so many ways.  Their "culture, talent, and expression have played an enormous role in shaping America's past and present." (TFK Staff, Then and Now)  Find out how! You'll discover many "unsung heroes" as you read.  Click here to peruse the many sites (and sites within sites), and find someone or something that inspires you in some way.  Write a paragraph (8-10 sentences) about the contributions of that person or the impact of that event.  Be ready to share!  Due date:  Friday, January 31.

Image of M.L.K.:  http://media.10