Sunday, September 14, 2014

"The most beautiful thing in this world is to see your parents smiling, and knowing that you're the reason behind that smile."


Hello parents--
We're off to such a good start!  It really helps knowing (most of) my students as the year begins. It also helps knowing all of you and the potential we have to positively impact your child's academic success. We both want what is best for "our" children, which is why our parent/teacher collaboration will continue to be so important. Together we can provide a learning environment, both at home and at school, that will support and enhance student learning.  

It's important, too, that students know we're collaborating to ensure their academic success. Homework is one of the ways we can do this.  Students have a planner that they are required to fill out daily. They then come to me to review and initial. They are supposed to share it with you each evening and have you initial, as well. (There is even room for notes when necessary.) It takes only minutes, and it's a chance to connect and validate all that your child does during the day. If students are encouraged, supported, and held accountable for their work both at home and at school, they will be motivated to do their best.

 Please know that your child is required to read 20 minutes per night at the very least. They have a "two books per month" (or approximately 300 pages) goal. Time will be given here as well, so they should be mindful to keep their book in their Trapper Keeper so that it's available at all times. We're aiming for 25 books read this year.  The literature I read to them can also be counted, and we'll keep track of all the informational text we read as well. 

“books are like comfort food without the calories” 
― Elizabeth BergHome Safe



  • Spelling/Word Study: Pgs.  18-19 - also Independent Packet due Thursday
  • E.L.A.:  Modalities activity; begin rough draft of paragraph describing how you use your senses to learn.
  • Math:  Group work -- Worksheet 1.1
  • Science: No Class
  • Social Studies:  Finish "Wonders" packet
  • Reading:  Read and discuss "Just Once"


  • Spelling/Word Study:   Pgs. 20-21
  • E.L.A.:  Begin typing paragraph / work in Writer's Notebook
  • Math:  Pg. 8
  • Science:  Pangea lab (think flower pot. . .) Complete pkt.
  • Social Studies:  No Class
  • Reading:  "Just Once" review; complete reading


  • Spelling/Word Study:  Pgs. 22-23
  • E.L.A.:  Guidance overlapped our time; use to "catch up" on this week's work.
  • Math:  Small group work: n/a (no assignment)
  • Science:  No Class
  • Social Studies:  Collect packets. "What Makes a Wonder a Wonder"
  • Reading:  "Just Once" independent activities


  • Spelling/Word Study:  Pgs. 24-25 (Independent Packet due today!)
  • E.L.A.:  Complete typing / work in ELA Interactive Notebook
  • Math:  Worksheet 1.2
  • Science: Science Interactive Notebooks -- Continental Drift
  • Social Studies:  No Class
  • Reading:  "Just Once" test


  • Spelling/Word Study:  B.H.T. (Big Honkin' Test) / Corrections
  • E.L.A.:  Review work for week. Prepare and turn in ELA Notebooks and Writer's Notebooks
  • Math:  Pg. 12
  • Science:  No Class
  • Social Studies:  Activity block -- n/a
  • Reading:  Independent Reading

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