Sunday, November 8, 2015

"We may not know them all, but we owe them all. . ."

"On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, an armistice, or temporary cessation of hostilities, was declared between the Allied nations and Germany in the First World War, then known as “the Great War.” Commemorated as Armistice Day beginning the following year, November 11th became a legal federal holiday in the United States in 1938. In the aftermath of World War II and the Korean War, Armistice Day became Veterans Day, a holiday dedicated to American veterans of all wars."1.

After watching the video (above) and reading THIS article, write a 20-word GIST (template HERE)  about Veterans' Day.  We'll share on Wednesday, November 11th.


Plate Tectonics
Colored "Puzzle Pieces" show the tectonic plates.   Watch as the names of the 
plates appear in white, & then the shapes of the continents appear in black.

The Early Earth & Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics WebQuest
OK, awesome quest seekers! Use the dynamic links on THIS site to complete the packet provided to you.  Responses should be well thought out and complete. This will become a part of your Interactive Science Notebook. 
Due no later than Friday.
Plate Tectonics Song
to the tune of the Adams Family theme song
Convergent is colliding
Divergent is dividing
Transform, it is sliding
We are the plate boundaries.
duh-na-na-na  duh-na-na-na duh-na-na-na
Need to learn the melody?

Independent work:  
  • View "Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker" interactive activity HERE
  • View "Tectonic Plates and Boundaries" HERE.
  • View "Tectonic Plates, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes" HERE.  
  • Complete Plate boundaries interactive notebook pages. Materials will be provided to you. 

"Ring of Fire"

Social Studies
Monday:  Ziggurats due today!!  Finish up TACKKS. Share with a partner using the template I provided you. Complete checklists and turn them in.

Tuesday:  Test on Ancient Mesopotamia!  

Remember to Review:
Wednesday: Correct tests.  RETEST?? Hope not! Worksheets/Study Guides will be provided to complete by Friday if necessary.

Thursday:  Finish up/polish TACKKS and send them to me to review. We'll make corrections on Monday; then TACKK will be ready for publication on the blog.

Friday:  RETEST.  Eeewww! (Also, be sure all TACKKs are sent to me if they haven't been already.)  It you don't need to retake the test, you get a study hall/silent reading time
Walkin' on over to Ancient Egypt!

Language Arts

Ooooh, I just love it when 
a good story comes together!

Monday:  Looking at our Work--It's Called Revision! Using the rough draft you should have completed for today, highlight at least 5 places where you "told" not "showed." Rewrite those examples using techniques learned in the follwoing videos.  Good luck!


. . . More Showing, Not Telling . . .

Tuesday:  "How do I write dialogue!" you ask. Get ideas by being weird. . .
  1. Eavesdrop (to get ideas for your characters--mannerisms, behaviors, ways of talking to each other). 
  2. Pretend your characters are real. (Or, if they are real, refer to #1.) 
  3. Mutter to yourself. (C'mon, I do it all the time._) and write it all down.
Wonderful Ideas for Dialogue, heh? Let's review:

Wednesday -- Friday:  Writing Dialogue with Calvin & Hobbes  -- A Multi-Day Extravaganza Using My Faaaa-vorite Cartoon! I'll provide the handout, you provide everything else!  Sounds like a deal, huh?

Look Who's Talkin'!

Unit 6

Bud Not Buddy
By Christopher Paul Curtis

Along with classroom discussion/activities:

Monday:  Chapter 14 -- Complete Exit Ticket.
Tuesday:  Chapter 15 -- Complete Exit Ticket.
Wednesday:  Chapter 16 -- Complete Exit Ticket 
Thursday: Chapters 17-18 --Complete Exit Ticket. 



You can read Bud, Not Buddy online HERE. 

and the audio can be found HERE!

Just a sweet little reminder. . .
Don't forget to fill out your Reading contract!
Make my day . . .

Extra Credit: 
Plate Tectonics Online Video Guide
Follow the links provided to watch two different plate tectonics videos. I have provided a handout to you--fill in the blanks as you go along.
Video 1:  100 Greatest Discoveries:  Plate Tectonics   (#1-6)
Video 2:  National Geographic:  Plate Tectonics - The Changing Shape of the Earth  (#7-19)

1. Staff. "Veterans Day." A&E Television Networks, 2009. Web. 08 Nov. 2015.
Veterans' Day image  Veterans' Day gif   earth like a puzzle animated image  spinning globe Oooh Calvin & Hobbes cartoon