Monday, September 14, 2009

Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way. -- George Evans

The first day of the first full week... We organized our binders and received our first weekly "packets" in Spelling/Vocabulary (I staple them together), and DOL (Daily Oral Language)/Grammar. These are all short daily assignments that are usually completed here. Today was a hectic one, however, so look for two packets of stuff to come home.
Packet 1:
* Spelling: do page one
* Vocabulary: do Monday's half page
Packet 2:
* DOL: do Monday (another half page)
Tomorrow we'll be on track to continue with our fall poetry assignment.

In Social Studies I talked about one of my resources that relies on both right and left brain activities
to make learning more fun, so tomorrow (I'll have a sub) the kids will learn how to draw cartoons, which will become yet another way to "show what they know". On Wednesday we'll launch into the earliest inhabitants of North America... There's no assignment tonight for either class. (Want to try a fun right brain/left brain challenge? Click here!)

Grade 5: we'll start our fall poetry piece tomorrow. Today we organized our notebooks, too, and reviewed daily procedures for Language Arts. It'll become second nature soon.

Thanks for those of you who completed the Multiple Intelligences Checklist already! You can certainly bring them in at Wednesday's Open House if you'd prefer. It'll be interesting to see if you see your child the way they view themselves. I'll let you know!

Another beautiful week is on the way! Have a relaxing evening, everyone-