Friday, September 4, 2009

Welcome parents! It's good to be back (although 5:30 AM is still a bit painful...). I hope you all had time to relax and enjoy your families this summer. It's been a busy one for me with lots of coursework, visits with my family, work on my house, the birth of TWINS.... Anyway, I do hope your children have come home excited about school and have shared some of the cooperative activities we've done so far. The schedule you received is not necessarily a final copy; we'll wait a bit to see if there are any kinks to work out.

I took a week-long technology course in August and explored computers like I never had before. Of course a week was not nearly long enough to digest all the ways to use technology in the classroom, but I plan to keep learning, and this blog will document my journey. I welcome any suggestions or ideas for ways to highlight all the cool things we do this year. I'm going to need everyone's email address so that viewers can be limited. I will also need to know if anyone objects to having their child's photograph or work proudly displayed in videos, podcasts, photo galleries, etc. I'll create a form for you to fill out, or you can email me at Please bear with me as this will be a work in progress! In the meantime, please take time to check out some of the links I've placed on the blog--interesting places for your family to go for help or fun. Oh, and check out the Avatar-it looks just like me, don't you think?