Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20 "Learn not only to find what you like, learn to like what you find." Anthony J. D'Angelo

Whew! What happened to Monday?? This week our 6th grade continues to be self-contained as the 5th grade finishes up NECAPS and PPPs. It's OK; we have lots of things to do.

Hopefully your child has shared with you their American Indian project, which is due on Thursday, November 5. Before NECAPS I gave each of them a detailed description of the information they'd need as well as a Check-Off Sheet (to keep them on track) and a Rubric (identical to the Check-Off Sheet). Everyone already chose an American Indian tribe to research, and I've given them lots of class time, so by now they should have much of the work done. Please ask to see their information packet; together we can keep them on track. (Part of their assignment is to create a replica of the type of house --in a realistic habitat--used by their tribe)

This week is so short, we're not doing DOL or Spelling/Vocabulary. We ARE doing Grammar, though. We finished it today, so hopefully everyone put theirs in the assignment drawer. We also illustrated a found poem and started our own thematic poem for October--kind of fun--titled "Want to know what scares me most?" We'll work on these again tomorrow.

For such a short week, things sure are humming around here!

Be well,