Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 28 - "“Not everything that counts can be measured, and not everything that can be measured, counts.” ~Albert Einstein

By now you are probably aware that Iwas not in school today. I have spent the day pumping Vitamin C in hopes of warding off a cold. I'm feeling no worse, perhaps a little better, so I'll be in tomorrow. So many of us have not been feeling well... I disinfect the tables every night when the kids leave, and pour boiling water over the water fountain in our classroom a couple of times each day to keep it as germ-free as I can. I encourage everyone to wash their hands often and use that gooey antibacterial stuff after using computers or going to the bathroom. We'll continue taking good care of each other.

Today was a continuation of yesterday's work. My class had Social Studies today and worked on their American Indian information. In Language Arts, they completed (or brought home to finish) a sensory writing assignment about the sense of touch. They also worked on DOL, Spelling, and Vocabulary.

Grade 5 finished up their illustrated poetry, "Want To Know What Scares Me Most?" and today's DOL.

I hope your child had a good day; I hate being away from those guys!

Sorry this is so late tonight. Stay well, everybody-