Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12 “One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his greatest surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn't.”

One of the Vikings' greatest challenges...
In addition to being fierce warriors, Vikings were master craftsmen, shrewd businessmen, and fearless explorers. Sleek longboats gave them a technological edge over other seafarers, and they opened vast trade networks in Europe and Asia. These activities stimulated political change. Their reputation probably hastened the formation of European nations as people fortified their cities and joined others to defend themselves against Viking raids. Their travels created lasting new societies in Iceland and Greenland, and led to the discovery of North America 500 years before Columbus.
Well, that's about it for our brief introduction to Viking explorers. Tomorrow we meet Marco Polo and learn about his (slightly exaggerated but nonetheless wonderful) exploits.
SOCIAL STUDIES: Viking flip books shoul be completed for tomorrow (Grade 6) and Thursday (Grade 5) In addition to that, I want everyone to visit yesterday's blog and visit the link beneath the video to learn how to write their name in runes. That independent activity is super short and interesting, and will be due Friday. Also due Friday-we're each making a Viking longboat (a short art activity--they have the directions and necessary paper). We'll create a two-class flotilla for the hallway!
The first book report for January is due by Friday. This one is simply a story map, which everyone knows how to do. Ask to see your child's "List of Books I've Read in Sixth Grade", and please continue to encourage them to read, read, read--at LEAST 20 minutes every evening.
Grammar, Spelling and Vocabulary packets, day 2
Finish draft 3 of the B.E.E. so that I can edit.
For grade 5, we did a lesson about commas (to separate introductory clauses or phrases from the rest of the sentence--and yes, we learned the difference between clauses and phrases...) We also need to get draft 3 ready for me to edit.
Hmm...this post got rather lengthy. I guess it's time to go home.
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