Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14 “The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.”

What makes an explorer an explorer? Here are some characteristics we came up with in class:
(How amazing is this?)
brave, indefatigable, independent, organized, goal-oriented, fair, strong-willed, wise, cooperative, persistent, prepared, a good planner, curious, creative, strong, robust, rational, aggressive, adaptable, resilient, responsible, and determined
We have now set the stage for discussing a number of fascinating historical figures. The first one on the list is a lifelong storyteller and author of The Description of the World , an explorer who stimulated interest in China. Christopher Columbus owned a copy of his book and studied it closely, making annotations in the margins, before beginning his journey in 1492 to what he thought would be China. Here's his story:

Marco Polo Part 2

Marco Polo Part 3

Marco Polo Part 4

Marco Polo Part 5

Marco Polo Part 6

Marco Polo Part 7

Marco Polo Part 8

Marco Polo Part 9


What's due in Social Studies at this point?

* Characteristics of an Explorer page * Rune (written on brown paper)

* Viking boat

* Viking Q & A Flip Book page

In Language Arts:

* Grammar, Vocabulary, and Spelling, Unit 13 (grade 6)

* B.E.E. 3rd draft (and all previous drafts)

Well, yet another late post; tonight was the last class for this course, but another course starts next Thursday. No rest for the weary. (You might want to check out Thursday's posts on Friday mornings...)

Sleep well-- Teri