Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1 "Rabbit, Rabbit....."

Where DO they come up with these things??

Ok, so among those ridiculous, 'don't know where THAT came from' habits that I seem to have acquired in my lifetime, I admit to saying "rabbit, rabbit" on the first day of each month. In order to achieve optimum effectiveness, it's supposed to be the first conscious vocalization upon waking -- though I must say that that logic escapes me. Truth be told, if I don't get to it until after coffee, I'm good; I figure it's just as unlucky to attempt coherence that early in the morning....

Where does the saying "rabbit, rabbit" come from, you ask? It's a common superstition with lots of variations, and it's been around for many hundreds of years. (It probably started off as some medieval practical joke...) Suffice it to say that following the protocol will ensure good luck for the duration of the month. (That and getting out of bed right foot first.)

Maybe it's because rabbits are supposed to be "lucky". That makes sense--we think a rabbit's foot is pretty lucky. (Although it isn't exactly lucky for the rabbit... Just goes to show you that one's perception is one's reality.) Maybe it has something to do with jumping into the future with joy and enthusiasm. I don't know about you, but, not being a morning person, I don't DO joy and enthusiasm until around 10:00...
Today was a day to reflect upon how we're doing this marking period. We suspended GSV this week so that we can revisit and clarify some repeated errors/misconceptions about Grammar and Vocabulary (in concentrated groups). If your child is among those who will work with me, s/he may bring home a packet or two to work on, since I agreed to regrade resubmitted papers. (ARGHHHHH! More paperwork!) The checklist in front of the room has really limited the number of outstanding assignments--which is great.

In Social Studies, we finished a discussion about Columbus, which included filling in a graphic organizer. Most of them got it done already. Today's discussion was about Vasco Nunez De Balboa and Ferdinand Magellan--a couple of good news/bad news explorer tales... Anyway, each student has to create two postcards (one "from" each explorer), telling a friend, relative, or kingly person something amazing from their adventures. These are due on Wednesday, when next we meet. Grade 5 will do this assignment tomorrow, due on Thursday.

As for the paper airplanes.... You know, it's not easy to find just the right words to describe a process. Even though it's wild and crazy as everyone figures out the paper airplane prototype that best suits their needs, the procedural writing is pretty particular and needs to be tested by a peer (and assessed with a rubric, which they have). Everyone should have created their prototype by now so that the writing can be done in earnest. If your child doesn't have one yet, please help him/her, OK? A reminder about the writing--it's being done HERE so that no one is tempted to reproduce the amazing words of another--so easy to do. The process is an important one, and takes practice.

Have a good evening, everyone-

P.S.--Check out yet another interesting paper airplane video: