Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18 "There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good." ~ Edwin Denby

“Vivid and reassuring… and sometimes extraordinarily brilliant.” —The Guardian
"Under the impetus of young Brazilian choreographer Bruno Beltrau, the nine hip-hop dancers of Grupo de Rua take the stage by storm. Like a powerful but fragile commando unit, the dancers overturn conventional codes, creating a remarkable fusion of hip-hop and contemporary dance. Accompanied by the sounds of the city, music, and rhythm, they dazzle with lightning-speed moves and high voltage energy as well as tender duets. In the process, the normal restrictions of the stage disintegrate and the audience becomes participants in a thrilling interaction. Winner of international championships and critical praise, Beltrau’s rigorous choreography dissects and jettisons hip-hop clichés creating a bold new direction for hip-hop."
This video captures much of what we saw today. (Of note is the "running backwards" and the high energy interactions...Whew!) Based on the review above (taken from the Flynn website) it sounded amazing, and much like one we really enjoyed last year in which the dancers conveyed to the kids that making positive choices and being healthy was cool. I think today's event met with mixed reviews... Lots of the dance was done without music, and a little "urban" for us. Still, on the positive side, it was athletic, energetic, and a cultural opportunity for everyone.

Don't forget the party tomorrow afternoon. Most Explorer Notebooks are in now, as are science projects for Alison. Boy, do we need a vacation!

Take care-