Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. --Isaac Asimov


To create bibliographies for your Heroes PowerPoint, click here. This wonderful free site is called

FYI: I modified the steps for creating a bibliography and will go over them in class tomorrow. Be sure you have all your information (url addresses, etc.) ready to go.

Just know that
you will only be working with the following two icons on Citation Wizard:

Click on the icon for whichever kind of source you used and fill in all appropriate information. (Notice that some items have asterisks next to them. They must be filled in before an entry can be created.)


Grade 6 is going to VUHS tomorrow, April 5, from 12:15--1:45. They will eat lunch before departing. What a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the wonderful band and chorus programs awaiting them!


Today, Grade 6 completed a graphic organizer titled, "Colony Profiles." This was a great exercise in finding information from multiple sources. Students learned also that not all sources necessarily agree. That's history for you! Here again are the websites we used. (Please note that the first one could not be accessed at school; I'm getting that fixed. We used my computer and the overhead for today.) This assignment is due Friday, April 6. Grade 5 will work on this tomorrow.

Colony Profiles: Learn about how each colony was established.

American Colonies

Another Map Interactive that might be helpful.

Chart of the 13 Colonies--good, quick information

When Colonies Were Founded

Original Inhabitants of Colonies

You can find out about important people here.

13 Colonies Village and Trades--Find out what a colonial town was like.


Both classes continue to work on Heroes PowerPoints. I'm concerned that some students, particularly 5th graders, are not where they should be at this point. Please know that there is ample time and support in class for ALL learners. We'll work on Bibliographies on Thursday, and then students should be finishing up in preparation for presenting next week. Ask to see the project guidelines I provided to each of them.

Grade 6 is working on Unit 21 in Spelling and DOL (Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics). Test on Friday!


GRADE 6: Our reading is all over the place. If it's not our reading group books, it's informational text of one sort or another. Lots of overlapping projects these days.

DANGER, DANGER!! Grade 6 has a book project that is due NO LATER THAN Friday.

Have a restful, peaceful, quiet, relaxing, soothing, enjoyable evening, everyone.