Monday, April 2, 2012

Determine never to be idle...It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing. --Thomas Jefferson

Welcome to April, Everyone--

What do you consider to be the truest harbingers of spring? Here are a few of mine:

Seed catalogs piling up on my kitchen table, a profusion of sap buckets on maple trees, skunks waddling their way out of hibernation, little clumps of green pushing up through the mulch and scattered leaves by the stone wall, early morning bird song, Daylight Savings Time, the rising cacophony of peepers and wood frogs, Canada geese honking their way to their summer feeding grounds, electric-yellow forsythia, up-to-your-axles mud, and, last but not least, coats and scarves flung with wild abandon across the playground as children clamor to shed themselves of all vestiges of winter.

But I digress. . .

Here is a working list of what to expect this week:



Regions: Find out about which colonies are in each region. Also, get information about climate/geography, religion, and economy.

Regions--What were the geographic regions of the 13 colonies? Find out about the environment, natural resources, and religions of these regions.


13 Colonies Scavenger Hunt, An Independent Assignment, is due no later than Friday,April 6. (All necessary paperwork will be provided.)


LINKS FOR WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY ASSIGNMENT (I'll provide the graphic organizer for this assignment.)

Colony Profiles: Learn about how each colony was established.

American Colonies

Another Map Interactive that might be helpful.

Chart of the 13 Colonies--good, quick information

When Colonies Were Founded

Original Inhabitants of Colonies

You can find out about important people here.

13 Colonies Village and Trades--Find out what a colonial town was like.


Both classes continue to work on Heroes PowerPoints. We'll work on Bibliographies this week, and then students should be finishing up in preparation for presenting next week. Ask to see the project guidelines I provided to each of them.

Grade 6 is also on Unit 21 in Spelling and DOL (Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics). The copier was down this morning, so Day 1 was not completed. I'll give everyone ample time tomorrow to get caught up.


All reading groups are either done with or nearing completion of their most current books. All necessary paperwork must be turned in ASAP.

Grade 6 has a book project that is due NO LATER THAN Friday.

It's getting late; time to head home. . . Have a great evening, families.